After digital cameras and smartphones are increasingly popular, the number of instant camera users is decreasing. Today, however, many young people are returning to using film cameras, instant cameras, and Polaroid. These cameras can produce results that are more retro, classic, and fashionable.

Currently, various camera manufacturers such as Fuji Film, Leica, and others, many released various types of instant cameras. We will provide a review of the ten best instant camera recommendations to choose from. We also include tips on choosing the right product for you.

How to choose an Instant Camera

As instant cameras increase, a variety of products are equipped with the latest functions on the market. Even beginners can use it because the cameras are designed to be user friendly. Therefore, please check each point we will review and make it a reference when choosing a camera.

Choose the Right Function

The ability of an instant camera is not as good as a digital camera or smartphone camera. If you use an instant camera while moving around a lot like using a digital camera or smartphone camera, the focus of the photo can be inaccurate, resulting in blurred photos. Therefore, sometimes you will get less than perfect photos.

However, some instant cameras are now equipped with additional functions to be used by beginners easily. For example, with the light adjustment function, the camera’s brightness can also be automatically adjusted by the camera. Then, if there is a function to increase the shutter speed, the risk of blurred photos will be smaller.

For those of you who want to enjoy the unique sensation of taking pictures using an instant camera, it is no problem to use a camera with a simple and standard model. However, for those of you who do not want to waste a film when printing photos, you should use an instant camera that has additional functions as described above.

Choose Based on Size

For digital data, you can freely adjust the size of the image before printing. However, for instant cameras, the size of the shooting data depends on the size of the film. If a camera has a small film size, the angle of view is narrow and cannot be expanded.

If you want to shoot a large number of objects or scenes from a wide viewing angle, you should choose a camera with a large film size or full version. If you are satisfied with the size of a small photo, choose a camera with a standard film size as on a polaroid camera.

Check Connectivity and Storage

Although many people find instant cameras to be fun to use, the number of photos they can produce is limited. Unlike digital cameras, instant cameras require a fee for each piece of the photo. Because of this, many people think not to waste a film with a failed photo.

Most instant cameras can only print photos directly without producing digital data. However, some recent models can store images in storage memory, such as an SD card.

For those of you who like to upload photos on social networks, a camera that can be connected digitally is certainly more important. In addition to printing directly, you can share photos with people around the world through social networks.

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10 Best (Recommended) Instant Camera

We will review the ten best instant camera products chosen based on their advantages. Any advantage to the camera can affect the results of your photos. So choose wisely!

Lomo ‘Instant Automat (Lomography)


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This camera offers unlimited creativity for those of you who want to experiment. Various additional lens options, such as close-ups, wide angles, and fish-eye lenses, you can use on this camera for more creative photos. Unlike other cameras, the shutter button on this Lomography camera is pushed, not pressed!

You can take a long exposure and multiple exposure shots with this camera. Lomo ‘Instant Automat Camera also has an aperture of F8 and F22 lens diaphragms with a focus distance of 0.6 m. Are you bored with the photos that just like that? Just use the color gel available to get the flashlight effect colorful.

Instax Mini 9 (Fujifilm)


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The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera is an instant camera designed for teenagers, especially for women who like to take selfies, especially with five cheerful color choices such as cobalt blue, ice blue, flamingo pink, lime green, and smoky white. The size is also quite small, very practical for you to carry anywhere.

This camera is equipped with a 1/60 sec shutter function to prevent blurred images as a supporter of quality and convenience when taking pictures. eIn addition, this camera is also equipped with an optical viewfinder with a target spot function, selfie mirror on the lens, and has a focus range 0.6 m. More perfect selfies!

Instax Square SQ10 (Fujifilm)


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Instax Square SQ 10 is a Fujifilm output camera that equipped with quite sophisticated features. You can print photos directly or save digital image data. With this camera, you can easily select and check each photo before printing.

The size of the image produced by this camera is a standard square size, so you can directly upload photos to social networks without having to crop. Because this camera has the same features and functions as a digital camera, this camera is right for use by those who want always to be able to print the best photos.

OneStep 2 Viewfinder i-Type Camera (Polaroid)


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If you want an analog camera that is contemporary in design and equipped with modern technology, Polaroid OneStep 2 can be a choice. This camera is equipped with a 106 mm focal length lens, which is ideal for mild telephoto or photos of people, animals, and scenery.

This Polaroid camera uses acrylic lenses and optical-grade polycarbonate to support the quality of the resulting image further. Easy to operate as an instant camera in general, Polaroid OneStep 2 is also packed with long-lasting rechargeable batteries that can be used for up to 60 days!

Instax Mini 8S (Fujifilm)


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The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8S camera is equipped with exposure control so that this camera can automatically optimize its light settings. This camera is specifically designed to produce mini photos the size of a credit card. If you prefer small photos that are easy to store, you might like this product.

The Fujion 60 mm lens feature of this camera has a focusing range of 0.6 m so it can produce images with a fairly accurate focus level and this camera is equipped with a built-in flash to optimize lighting. Cute colors and designs add to the charm of this Fujifilm camera.

Leica Sofort (Leica)


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Leica Sofort has several switch modes that allow you to capture images of moving objects well, such as when photographing sports activities, moving vehicles, and so on. This camera has three zones of manual focus system that can help you produce the best images.

Aperture on this camera can be changed to 34 mm; premium quality cameras usually have 35 mm. You can see objects more clearly, such as seeing objects without going through the camera. If you don’t want to mess up the quality of your photos, this product is the answer.

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic (Fujifilm)


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For those of you who like retro-style cameras, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Classic can be one of the options. This attractive classic-retro design camera is equipped with two shutter buttons, which allow you to shoot well when taking landscape pictures.

Instax Mini 90 also equipped with superimposing function and double exposure mode. That way, you can print images on one film by pressing the shutter button twice to get maximum photogenic results. Charming like an analog camera, but present in more up-to-date technology!

Instax WIDE 300 (Fujifilm)


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For those of you who want a camera with a wide film size and have several supporting functions, the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 is the right choice. This camera can be used to take pictures of scenes well because the size of the film is wide enough to reach a wide viewing angle.

This camera is easy to use for taking close-up photos with optimal results. WIDE 300 also equipped with a shutter 1/64 sec – 1/1200 sec and a focus distance of 0.9 m for excellent photo quality. The focus and flash functions on this camera are fully automatic, and you don’t need to set it every time you want to take pictures.

Lomo’ Instant Wide (Lomography)


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Do you want to take a picture with friends, but no one can be asked for help taking photos? Take it easy with this instant camera, and you can only control the shutter button from the lens cap!

This 35 mm lens instant camera already has an automatic flash that can be turned off with the F8 and F22 aperture. Do you want to combine two shots in one frame? With the help of the splitzer feature, this camera can do it for you. When combined with a close-up lens, you can even shoot close-ups up to a 0.1 m focal distance!

Instax Mini 70 (Fujifilm)


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Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 has a very small and practical size but does not reduce the quality and ease. Minimalist design without bulging, you can carry it more easily and comfortably. With automatic exposure control, you don’t need to worry anymore when taking pictures in a dark place!

Its use is also very easy and practical. This camera is supported by selfie mode, so it is quite comfortable when used for selfies. This camera has a shutter speed of 1/2 sec – 1/400 sec and a Macro Mode focus distance up to a minimum of 0.3 m to support your photos’ quality further.

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