For those of you who often use gadgets in your activities, of course, it will be very troublesome if you always plug in the cable to recharge the battery.

However, there are currently wireless chargers that prioritize the battery charging process without using channels. Before we provide the ten best recommended wireless chargers, find out about wireless chargers.

About Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is a device that allows a cell phone to be fully charged without using a cable. As the name implies, it means charging without cable.

Even without cables, charging can still be done nearby or a short distance between the phone and the wireless charger. This can be done because wireless chargers have a working principle to provide electromagnetic induction to cell phones.

Inside a wireless charger, there is at least one coil that functions to create electromagnetic fields. The cellphone will receive an electromagnetic field and convert it into an electric current, making it possible to charge the battery.

What's in the Wireless Charger

Pictured above is a wireless charger commonly known as the Belkin brand charging pad. Inside this charging pad, there are several components as follows.

  • LED lights that function to detect foreign objects
  • Non-slip surface as a safety.
  • Transmitter coil section for wireless charging
  • The design is fanless so that operation is quiet
  • The part of the wireless charging chipset that works to combine various features
  • Thermal protection sensor
  • Circuit section for foreign objects.

Not all wireless charging pads have designs and components that are the same as Belkin. But in principle, wireless chargers generally have some of these parts.

Wireless charging technology has two technologies. The first is magnetic field induction, and the second is magnetic field resonance technology.

The presence of these two technologies results in several wireless charging standards depending on the specific consortium. The following is an explanation of wireless charging technology standards.


The first consortium was born by the Wireless Power Consortium. This consortium presents a standard called Qi (read “Chee”). This technology presents wireless charging with a magnetic field induction standard.

In further developments, Qi also applies magnetic field resonance technology. Qi standard itself is the most popular standard because various leading mobile manufacturers support it.

Manufacturers or companies incorporated in this consortium are Apple, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Xiaomi, and Sony.


The second standard is the Powermat. The Power Matter Alliance or PMA initiated this Powermat. This standard applies magnetic field induction technology. Although applying the same technology as Qi, PMA does not have compatibility with Qi.

So, cellphones that support Qi wireless charging cannot be charged using a wireless charger pad that supports PMA technology. However, some cellphones also support these two technologies, namely Qi wireless charging and PMA wireless charging.


Alliance for Wireless Power or A4WP is an alliance that issues wireless charging standards with Rezende technology. This standard uses magnetic field resonance to transfer power.

The advantage of this standard is that the cellphone does not need to be directly on the wireless charger pad. One wireless charger pad can charge several cellphones at the same time.

Air Fuel Alliance

The Air Fuel Alliance is a result of the collaboration of A4WP and PMA. This collaboration is intended as a challenge for Qi technology. Why? Because on the market, Qi technology is a popular wireless charger technology.

In the market itself, there are already many phones that support wireless charging technology, both Qi and others. An example is the high-end Samsung Galaxy S10 series which already supports Qi and PMA wireless charging standards.

Indeed most of the phones that support wireless charging technology are high-end phones. Middle and lower class phones can also actually use wireless charging technology.

How to use Wireless Charger

After knowing the ins and outs of the wireless charger, the next will be discussed how to use a wireless charger.

Prepare the Cellphone and Wireless Charger Tool

Things that need to be prepared of course are cellphones or cell phones that already support wireless chargers and wireless charger devices. For this tutorial, for example, the cellphone used is Samsung Galaxy S8. This cell phone already supports wireless charging. The tools for the wireless charger are as follows.

If the wireless charger that is used turns out to already support fast charge or already supports fast charging. This tool itself is a wireless charger which is a purchase bonus when you first bought the Samsung Galaxy S8. You might have a different type of wireless charger, but the way it works is almost the same.

Connect the Wireless Charger to Electricity

Wireless chargers also require electrical power. There are two types of wireless chargers that you should know about.

  1. Wireless Charger with Adapter, this wireless charger needs electric current from an adapter or cellphone charger.
  2. Wireless Portable Charger, a wireless charger that can be taken anywhere just like a power bank. (requires charging)

Put the Phone on a Wireless Charger

After connecting the adapter, place your phone on the wireless charger and position it correctly. If set correctly, there will be a sign that the HP is charging.

Don’t get the wrong position!

Why keep the wireless charger in the right position? Because if it’s not true, the cellphone won’t be adequately charged. Like the example in the picture above. The function of the phone is shifted too far to the right so that the battery shows no signs that the HP is charging. The position of the HP that is again moved to the left also has the potential for the HP not to fill correctly.

How to Choose Best Quality Wireless Charger

The Qi system is indeed an international standard, but this system is still being developed. Development is being carried out by producers, especially in solutions to reduce heat problems. When charging the battery with an electromagnetic induction system, heat will occur. Battery types of lithium-ion that are popularly used in smartphones tend to be weak against heat and performance will decline due to the heat. Not only the battery, in some cases the heat can even melt the gadget casing.

Therefore, it would be nice if a wireless charger is equipped with a heat control system when the battery charging process is done. It will be very safe if you choose a product that has a feature to stop charging the battery automatically if it exceeds a specific temperature. Unfortunately, not all products have these features. Therefore, you need to check the existence of a heat control system.

Best (Recommended) Wireless Charger

Some companies, such as Nillkin, Anker, IKEA, etc. market a variety of wireless chargers that can make you confused when choosing. We will provide tips on how to choose and recommend the best wireless chargers so you can more easily find the right product.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger (Digitaltrends)

$23.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

For those of you who have a high level of activity and do not want to waste a lot of time charging your gadget, this product is a must-have. Being able to charge your battery 2x faster than an ordinary charger, you don’t need to wait a long time until your gadget’s battery is full.

Although fast, this product is still able to charge safely because it is equipped with a temperature control system to spread heat quickly and efficiently. Compatible with iOS and Android, you can easily use this product for various smartphones.

Anker PowerPort Wireless Charger

Anker PowerPort Wireless Charger

$17.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

This product is equipped with an LED ring that you can turn off or turn on as needed. The surface and bottom of the wireless charger are equipped with anti-slip pads so that the gadget does not fall easily.

Made using an aluminum frame, this product not only becomes lighter but also becomes more durable and does not rust easily. Surely you plan to use a wireless charger that does not break down quickly, you must consider this product.

Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger

Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger

$25.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

If you already have a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Adapter device, you can combine it with this product for maximum battery charging. The size of this product is not large, so you can put it wherever you want.

Then, if you don’t want your smartphone to look imperfect due to scratches or dents, this product must be considered. The non-slip material on this product not only keeps the smartphone from falling but also has a soft surface that won’t scratch or damage your smartphone case.

Verbatim Fast Charging Wireless Charger

$15.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

If you often forget to pull out the charger and worry about electricity in your shorting place, this product is the right solution. With an anti-short circuit, this product will not cause a short circuit so that it remains safe even if you forget to unplug it.

Not only that, but this product also has a lightweight, so it’s easy for you to take it to various places. If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, this product is also compatible with the smartphone. With a fast-charging feature, your gadget’s battery will get full faster.

Nillkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Nillkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

$28.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

For those of you who often charge smartphone batteries in cars, this wireless charger must be considered. The existence of a magnet in the middle makes your smartphone does not fall when placed on it. Not only that, but this product can also rotate 360 ​​° to make it easier for you to adjust your smartphone in the desired direction.

NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger

NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger

$17.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

Nanami Wireless Fast Charging will increase devices that are compatible with Android and iPhone from dead to full speed quickly. Unique design, your phone charges vertically or horizontally, you can charge your smartphone while charging the battery without fear of explosion due to excessive heat and high-temperature protection.

Not only that, if you are looking for a sophisticated charger with an exclusive look, but this product is also worth supporting. The combination of an attractive design and a friendly phone cover plus a layer of leather on top makes this product look classic and expensive compilation you place it in your car.

NILLKIN Phantom Lamp Wireless Charger

NILLKIN Phantom Lamp Wireless Charger

$36.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

Shown with a unique shape, this wireless charger gives a new impression and is perfect for you to make a display to decorate your room. Not only that, but this product also features an energy-efficient LED lamp, you can use it as a desk lamp.

You can also adjust the brightness of the light as needed; for example, you can dim it when going to sleep. Take it easy, this product is made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), so it becomes stronger. If you want a multifunctional wireless charger, this product is the best choice.

Wireless Car Charger Simple Fast

Wireless Car Charger Simple Fast

$26.99 Buy Now (Amazon)

Wireless Car Charger Simple Fast is a high-tech mechanical brace design. High-quality slim gold with black mirror and durable rubber pads. Simple Fast pads with 360° ball joint shaft, universal wireless charging telephone pads. One-handed operation. A smart sensor will open two clips and will automatically close and hold your phone; To release the phone, touch the back of the shell at the sensory point, and the clip will open automatically.

Mobile Activated compatible with Qi. Smart chargers will identify wireless fast charging devices and intelligently adjust to 5W, 7.5W or 10W. Fast Charging 10W (max). Supports fast charging 9V / 1.67A and standard charging 5V / 2A.

Belkin Wireless Charger

Belkin Wireless Charger

$11-$40 Buy Now (Amazon)

Belkin is working with Apple to design a wireless charging pad and fast charging for the iPhone 8 or newer, providing a fast charging speed of 7.5W when running iOS 11.1.2 or more recent. You just need to put your cellphone on the pad and leave. No need to remove your case, the 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad charges through a lightweight plastic case up to 3mm.

Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger

$11.95 Buy Now (Amazon)

If you want to save your money, Yootech Wireless Charger is the way to go. Wireless charging is very affordable and offers a double orientation design so that you can charge your cellphone in both portrait and landscape mode. And it’s very sleepy, so it won’t wake you up when you use it at night.

Yootech can be used for Samsung smartphones and other mobile phones up to 10W and iPhones up to 7.5W. We like that there is a reasonably large filling area, so you don’t need to look for a sweet spot. However, the power cable is 3 feet short, and you must provide your power bricks.

Is Wireless Charger Very Important?

Is Wireless Charger Very Important?

This is a matter of preference and comfort. For some people, this is an absolute necessity, while for some people, it is still the right choice for a luxury property but unnecessary.

Wireless charging is not new. The inductive charging process has gone through many improvements over the years. We had used wireless charging on the iPhone 3G, iPod Nano 1st generation, and iPod Classic 40 events before Qi became a more acceptable standard. A company called Powermat to develop wireless refueling.

This allows almost any device to charge wirelessly. We have a Powermat home that can charge three wireless devices (plus other devices via USB cable) and a small Powermat in the vehicle that allows one device to be charged. That’s 2009-2010! Fast forward ten years and the Powermat seems to have folded. They are still joining the WPC (wireless power consortium), so they are still active in the field despite not having consumer products today.

If you are wondering, when Starbucks started bringing wireless charging to their stores, most of them used Powermat (BBM) technology. Similar to devices currently not supporting wireless charging (such as iPhone 7 or greater), you will need a 3rd party coil inductor and necessary charging Qi. Qi and Powermat are not compatible with each other. Powermat requires a proprietary casing or connector or an active adapter.

If we have three devices that cost on a single large mat, it doesn’t take nearly overnight to charge the iPhone 3G. That was good enough for me at that time. If we drive a car, we can put a cellphone or iPod on one mattress and will still be charged for the whole trip. Note that all this time, Bluetooth streaming from your iPod or iPhone to your car stereo is absent. Most decks don’t support cars and even control an iPod or iPhone. If we want to play music from iPod to car stereo – it has to be through an analog aux cable.

But again, it’s convenient and for those who saw me wirelessly the cost of 10 years ago in a vehicle is pretty much “high tech”. At present, Qi is charging almost everywhere. Almost all new devices support magnetic inductive charging wireless personal devices.

Wireless charging is still a compromise. First, it is not wireless. For cars with a built-in pad, you might not see a cable that leads to the base. But for those who use a pedestal base or a third party, you still need a physical line to connect to USB power. Second, it is very inefficient. A large amount of the induced magnetic current disappears while at the same time, the same amount is converted to heat. The internal battery of each cellphone or device heats up faster.

This might not apply to charge slow droplets, but with many devices that require a 15-20W Qi adapter, it is much hotter than a standard 5W charger cable and is more efficient. Yes, it is comfortable. You put the device on the mat, and it is filling. You pick it up and briefly stop the charging process. So basically, you can’t use your device and wireless charging it (unless you tamper with your device while still in the cradle). However, note that most vehicles with the ability to have a wireless charging mat under the console are unreachable.

In our case, we have released a new issue of wireless charging. We only have a bedside table cable, and we connect a phone before going to sleep. In this way, we will not wake up in the morning only

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